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My name is Mike Leinen. I have been in the "computer" world since I was about 6 years old, a very long time ago. My first memories date back to the days of Netscape. Boy has time changed. As the computer age burst, I hung on for the ride not knowing where it would take me next.

I started creating small websites in my early teens. Initially to one up friends on new technology but mostly just to learn. From there I grew a passion for design, such as logos, print material, advertising proofs and most of all websites. I found a love creating something from nothing. A blank canvas that would become the digital storefront for some business somewhere.

After working almost 10 years designing logos and websites for small businesses, over 200 clients, mainly in the automotive aftermarket sector, I decided to venture out on my own. Since that day I have been creating stunning websites for clients of all types and sizes. From brick and mortar shops to large growing construction companies. I have designed them all.

I continually look for the latest project, the latest innovation, mostly the latest look on a client's face when they know their digital future is in good hands.



  • 2007 - Present

    Owner, President

    MOL Design Group, LLC, Gilbert, AZ

    Develop functional, easy-to-operate, eye-catching responsive websites. Perform website maintenance and enhancements. Write web pages using a combination of markup languages. Develop prototypes and high quality mock-ups. Create browser and platform compatible HTML and CSS. Maintain consistency in design and layout. Optimize website performance using latest technology. Increase performance and visibility using social media and SEO.

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  • 2016 - 2017

    National Sales Account Manager

    Townsquare Interactive, Inc, Charlotte, NC

    Team leading Sales Representative. Ability to continually meet and exceed goals. Assist co-workers in running and closing sales deals. Analyze applicable data trends to increase sales volume. Responsible for initial client call, DEMO scheduling and sales. Developed internal database system to utilize registrar data to search out new businesses.

  • 2008 - 2015

    Store & Operations Manager, Sales Representative

    Fintastic, Inc, Charlotte, NC

    Managed sales floor and up to 20 sales associates for a 1.2 million dollar entity. Oversaw and finalized all major account sales and customer purchases. Ordered all inventory on a weekly basis based on strategic market analysis. Managed all daily inventory stock out and fronting. Insured stock levels were accurate. Completed store inventories on a quarterly basis. Managed back stock and warehouse merchandise. Created and implemented all store merchandising including end caps and sale areas. Managed all store sales, discounts and store pricing. Collected and analyzed all market data for projected future strengths in sales. Designed database driven applications for in-house life/death analysis of livestock. Responsible for designing all marketing material design and production

  • 1998 - 2007

    Application Developer, Senior Website Designer

    Icarz, inc., Newton, NJ

    Worked and oversaw initial team to design and develop ASP platform for the Automotive Aftermarket based on current internet technologies, including POS, Reporting, Invoicing, Ordering, Accounting and Data Mining. Website design and maintenance for over 200 automotive aftermarket clients, including initial contact, prototyping, graphic design, site development, SEO and continued site support and maintenance. Computer repair, troubleshooting, hardware upgrades, network design and installation, and software installation. Managed team of developers for core software language localization for ASP application including Spanish and French.




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